Another super day.

Very tropical here this evening with the sea like glass again and me needing a shower to cool down.

I had a lovely group of people today including two from New Zealand.

So, White Tailed Sea Eagle on Loch na Keal sitting well on the top of a tree.

Another one coming off the sea at Gribbun and joining two more around Ben More.

Otter on Scarisdale rocks with seals and Goosanders.

Female hen harrier on Loch Beg, red deer in the mountains and lots of orchids.


Capturing the eye this evening is definitely our golden landscape, the flat flat sea and all of it totally windless and very sunny.



It has been another super day here but drizzly now at 9.50 pm.

Recycling was a priority today, as was asking our local gardening expert Ann, down to see my fruit trees and give advice on how we should now handle them.

It seems rhubarb pie and custard might be on the menu but don’t take too much of it  yet!

It’s joys birthday on the 25th, so today I am dropping here off for the 8.40 ferry to Oban and then she is on the train to Glasgow to stay a night at Lucy’s and then  bring Sonny and Charlie back for the party. David, Tim and Sam are coming up from the south of England to be here on Sunday.

As you see Island life can be challenging, but otherwise it is close to heaven here.




Another awesome day here

A n awesome day indeed today with the island looking as good as it can get.


AS the song goes though, ‘How long will it last, can it be measured by the hours in a day’ ?

So far so good for now then and top views of two white tailed sea eagles circling and occasionally heading our way on the southern side of Loch na keal.


Lots of seals basking there also.

It didn’t last long though, as I had to get back to paint our garden shed !!

I have a trip on Thursday and I hope for another good day out and plenty of sightings for everyone.

I think we are in for a big sunset tonight but I really hope it will be cooler, as it has been  feeling like the tropics again.




goood day and sightings

I didn’t have a wildlife trip yesterday but Joy and I went down tio Kiiliechronan where we had really good views of the two sea eagles there and a mail otter close inshore behind us.

On todays trip I thought it best to have a look at the National Scenic Area again and so off I went with todays’ group of pretty keen people, with lots of questions to ask and things to learn about.

So straight off, one of the the Loch na Keal  White Tailed  Sea Eagles again and tales across the loch of the golden eagles on the wing that morning  !

We had two golden eagles today and another good sighting of a sitting sea eagle.

Down to Loch Scridain now and male otter close inshore and on shore. A female Hen Harrier in the air above us probably looking for her mate and maybe a short tailed vole for lunch.

I won the bet for the first red deer, which are getting tougher now as they move higher up the mountains.

So not the best day for looking for wildlife when its very sunny, but we got away with it by looking very hard.

Now while I do this posting on Monday evening it is another tropical look out there and a very very calm sea and a golden landscape.

Next trip is Thursday when I have a few spaces still.

PS I forgot the bat the other day which was sitting quietly on a sponge in our washing up sink, until Joy nearly picked it up by accident and instead went off screaming !!!

I felt sorry for the little Pipistrelle bat.




No matter the weather these magical Islands always look special.

Well I have wildlife trips for Monday and Thursday  and today I hoped to get back on the roof and do some more painting. However it began misty and drizzly, but now at 5.30  Mull is its wondrous self again with the whole of southern Mull and Iona clearing, and a sweeping silver sky heading our way.

After rain or showers is the best weather to see wildlife of course but getting that right isn’t always that easy, as the BBC weather people have regularly found out !!.

So today I decided that Wimbledon could be a better bet for drama !! Sure enough the Ladies Final was a corker. Will the men’s be the same and will I get the perfect weather for wildlife trips on Monday and the coming Thursday ??





Manx Shearwaters

Good places to be right no are on our west coast where many seabirds are now in close and heading south.

However yesterday on the Cal Mac ferry halfway to Oban was a top place to be, with hundreds of Manx Shearwaters bobbing in rafts on the sea with diving gannets and giving very close views as the ferry passed them by.

Manx Shearwaters have the unfortunate habit of coming ashore in the evenings attracted by the lights of Tobermory and when we lived there I regularly did my spider man impersonation by leaping from roof to roof to recue Shearwaters. They are pretty helpless on land, so when they end up in the corner of someone’s garden people assume they are injured, but generally they aren’t !! The answer is to hold them tight with wings up against their body. Then take them down to the shoreline of wherever you are  but without lots of boats in the way and hold them very low to the water and they happily glide out to sea with their fast flap, flap , flap, glide action, to find their pals on migration.


Windless and very sunny weather continues here but rain is on the way.

Sunshine has gone on and on and on !!

Yes it  has been stunning here and in the house. After rain weeks ago and now so much sunshine, it feels like we are in a luxury lodge in Costa Rica again. The mix of rain there and here, means that their tropical rain forests seem to hide you among the most luxuriant places. Same with our temperate rainforest which creates a similar tropical look, as the exotic colours of land and sea merge into a riot of colour. Add amazing sunrises and sunsets, with eagles overhead instead of monkeys and scarlet macaw’s.

After living so long in this jewel of a place I still wonder why so many people have never been to the Hebridean Islands, which one day will get the recognition they deserve and become a National Park to beat all others.

The only negative, or maybe its a positive for some ?? Is that we may eventually get rain Friday afternoon !!!


So I had better get back on the roof and finish my painting.



Back in the swing

Good Wildlife Tour yesterday and a good group as the weather cleared after a misty start.

In the Lochdon area we had a female hen harrier and long term views of short eared owls. One which I know has taken to patrolling the area, perhaps picking a fight and then sitting in a tree, which as a ground nesting bird is not very common.

We then had a brief encounter with a male hen harrier and I should mention the white tailed sea eagles on our way out sitting and flying on both sides of Loch na Keal. We also had one looking pretty wet on Scarisdale Rocks, which is a favourite place for sea eagles to wait for otters to go on to the rocks with their catch and then steal it !!!

The only pity was that it was a poor start weather wise yesterday, particularly around the mountain peaks, which temporarily puts paid to golden eagles moving about their territory.



Most beautiful day

Well yesterday was about me meeting up with Joy and the grandchildren as they returned from the south of England by train, after seeing Timmy and his partner David. Then us staying overnight in Glasgow.

This morning was about an early start and the last push back to Mull along the shores of Loch Lomond and the children now staying here for another week.The views and colours from the house are simply beyond words this evening, with another flat calm yellow sea meeting up with a  sea of different shades of blue, as it rolls toward us meeting up with the greater expanse of the yellow sea.

In the far distance is the south of Mull and Iona with a landscape that ripples along the low horizon for miles and miles in a greyish blue colour. Out to our left the sea cliffs of Gribbun are as impressive as ever and very photogenic, in emerald green, grey and black and the top of Benmore has a small cloud creating a moving shadow which is  working it’s way along the mountains peak.

The sea below the cliffs is a greeny yellow and also flat as a pancake.

The best thing to do right now is to get in the car wherever you are and head for Loch na Keal and the National Scenic Area, for a gorgeous evening and eventual sunset to die for.










As yesterday

Well I am  probably lucky not to have trips the last couple of days, as it has been another misty and drizzly day today.

The good news is that it is forecast to be sunny all day tomorrow

The thing is that we have almost no pollution in the heavens here and the rain may be wet but it’s very clean with the only pollution likely to come from the Inuit’s !!! and there aren’t many of them either.

So wet yes but get out in it because it is still good for spotting otters and the colours are just as beautiful and you get to enjoy the cleanest rain in Britain.