Drizzly start and a beautiful lemon sunset this evening

I had another very keen group for my Wildlife Tour today and we had sea eagles flying and sitting on the islets of Loch na Keal, an otter at  Gribbun  cliffs, lots of great northern divers ready to head north after their time here.


Golden eagle pretty close after some patience in Glenmore, lots of red deer, seals, ravens, greenshank, buzzards galore, kestrels, lots of smaller birds and we also had a lot of nice food and drink at various locations.



Silly Season

I have just had two young people at the door looking for accommodation


and it will soon be 8pm with no street lighting on most of the islands and that can mean staggering around in the mud and treading in goodness knows what.

The plan from my experience is that by the end of the day people think they will be able to get a cheap deal, but nothing is cheap on Mull. It has limited accommodation in its remoter parts.

If you are coming to Mull or any other remote place in the World you must pre plan and ideally pre book and don’t be mean.

Its cold wet and windy today and not a time to be fingers crossed and knocking on doors.

I have encountered the above on many occasions here on Mull and I have found that people plough on regardless, following Queen Victoria’s big idea of touring Scotland .


Don’t do it. It doesn’t work and few enjoy it.







ssign of the sillyseason on thehorizon.


Pacific Islands or Hebridean Islands ??

Well we just had a beautiful pour of unpolluted Hebridean rain for about 30 minutes, when it then turned tropical and i felt I was in the Cook Islands again.

Both are magical places but there is something about the West coast of Scotland that looks right when visitors  are here. In the Cook Islands its all very Polynesian  and can be too hot I feel and even the rain is too warm at times.

In short I feel that this is our more natural habitat and after all the Cook Islands are very very remote. But the natives are lovely people, as if untouched yet by the rest of the World





It has been a very sunny and serene day all day today and this evening it is much the same but with a distant lemon sky over the South of Mull and yes looking like a very tasty custard. Add to the scene a small group of red deer females and young  25m away right now,  looking just as serene.


I have never been anywhere to beat the sheer variety of everything here. From sea to landscape, the heavens  and more.


Iffy weather turned good

The weather forecasts for yesterdays tour were not good, but in the end it was !!! Though the evening was very windy with predictions of ferry’s not sailing.

They were a lovely group for my trip and very early on they had a super close encounter and views of an otter which came out of woodland, down a stream and into an ancient culvert [ They like culverts old or modern] and this otter came rushing down with the water and into the culvert, under the road and our vehicle and then wriggled its way down to the sea about 40ft away and off on its travels.

Meanwhile  a sea eagle was overhead with buzzards and came in to land in a favourite place with talons outstretched.

Lots of great northern divers yesterday, Goosanders, many smaller birds including wheatears probably on passage.


It is now a terrific day here after a blustery and wet start.

The sea is an intense blue with the crests of small waves breaking everywhere.


My minibus is getting a service and I am off on another Wildlife trip tomorrow with I hope keen people.

My own measure of whether  people are keen on watching wildlife is, ‘do they have binoculars’ because anywhere in Europe you need binoculars to see in the vast landscape the most interesting and rare creatures.

Add that on Mull you need a peaked hat/cap, sunblock, sensible shoes at all times and to be like an owl, on the alert and looking in all directions





Mother Nature

From this morning Mother Nature has never quite got going and here at 3pm she must be still fiddling with her walking boots because it is very misty and drizzly.


I seem to have been busy all day tackling this and that and now at just past 4.35 we have  had a huge shower of rain that was like bullets hitting the roof.

All it means of course is that Mother Nature has got her boots on alright and we may be kicking off again soon.

Hopefully a big quick shower will help my wild flower and grass seeds get a good soaking and deliver on beauty sooner than expected.

Currently though the rain has cleared and a lemon sky is taking over the scene




A good day

Yes a very good day today with lots to  see and find.

We had a few eagle sightings both flying and sitting, great northern divers, Slavonian Grebes, otter, Wheatears, Goosander, red breasted mergansers, ravens, kestrels, lots of buzzards, seals, red deer, rock doves, grey wagtail and more.

My people were keen today and the food and drink was welcome and delicious.




End of the day

It is now a beautiful end to a beautiful day with a gorgeous red sunset out over the North  of Mull and Coll and Tiree.


What is in Mother Nature’s bag of tricks for tomorrow I wonder.