another lovely day here

So far,  contrary to the BBC, it has been and still is a glorious looking day on our West Coast. Very calm and I see the white sand beaches across the sea on Iona shining back at me.

It may not last but the air is also very special here and always has been with no pollution in the atmosphere at all.

Worth coming I say for the quality of the air anyway. If it rains today even that is coming from the clear atmosphere too. Might seem a a bit nutty but coming on holiday for the air quality is a good move !!!  But then they did that in Victorian times didn’t they ??

lovely morning

Its nearly y8pm here on the wonderful and serene west coast of Mull

If my friends hear of anyone thinking about coming to Mull and joining my Wildlife Tours please tell them to pre book because unfortunately I have had a number of particularly foreigners, who think I can just drop everything with no preparation and do  a tour there and then.


They are very welcome but must pre plan everything in wild places like this.


Eagle Island

Today we had big views of a number of White Tailed Sea Eagles sitting and flying and coming to land in their extravagant way with legs and claws extended and ready to grip a good perch in wild winds..


Visually amazing

Yesterday was another of those wonderful days that only The Hebridean Islands can conjure up.

Driving up Mulls national Scenic Area was again inspiring and at Calgary it was a lovely sunny day with the air so pure, which many other countries would die for.