Back in touch

I must apologise for the silence eminating from my dairy in the last 10 days but having children and grandchildren scattered around Britian and a historically quiet time of year here for wildlife enthusiasts, we decided to visit them. So off to collect Sonny and chatterbox Charlie first from Glasgow and on the way south we stayed at the really super Holiday Inn at Scotch Corner where we had two adjoining executive rooms which very luxurious for a Holiday Inn. Then down to see Timmy and David in Wolking where they are waiting for completion of the purchase of a super flat. Lots of restaurants and then down to London for the Science Museum which of course the boys loved. Off to see Sam and Heather in Cambridge where they both work and who are also looking for a new home. More good eating and wine there and of course all of it such a change from the wild and empty beauty of Mull.

Before we went South I did have two excellent wildlife trips with golden eagles going over us and a female peregrine doing it all on Gribbun Cliffs. On the second trip we were totally eagled out !! With adult and young sea eagles sitting and flying and golden eagles joining in and flying and landing on the hillside and both species regularly being attacked by a very brave buzzard. This was a super long term encounter with eagles in the Hebrides and my guests could not have wanted for more.

From Monday I have regular trips again and all know that I love these times with people who have never seen an eagle, or an otter. However we did all enjoy the towny South for some reason !!!  Maybe it’s just a human trait to be attracted to all those materialistic and colourful things ?