Wild day

I didn’t have a trip today but it was still worth a trip out for Joy and I and so down to Loch na Keal in very blustery weather. In fact we have had  a beautiful big old sailing yacht just offshore here at Ulva Ferry for a couple of days now, which clearly cannot find a window in the weather in order to get out. The adult female sea eagle was sheltering in the trees and having the same problem in the squally showers, but like me she was watching for that moment of dryness and sure enough along it came and she was off and out to sea. Lots of terns were blown inshore in the same area as were Gannets on their travels to the South Atlantic. As I walked along the road following a very close grey seal the adult male sea eagle broke the near skyline carrying what was pretty certainly a greylag goose, which they rather like around here ! If birds of prey are carrying prey around it usually means they are still feeding the youngsters who should be off to Uni anytime now if they want to get on in life. Five minutes later the adult female was coming across the sea and then circling around and trying to spot the male with his prey and the youngsters.

The moral then is. Don’t worry of it’s raining in Western Scotland because it will stop and meantime it can very exciting in the wild here.