It’s more amazing weather here again this morning and so work on the house for me first thing and off after lunch to the Community Center at Craignure for a meeting to continue my crusade in trying to get small parking areas and some on the ground interpretation for our visitors. What a battle it has been on this and National Park status for these wondrous Hebridean Islands and I may still be years away on this. I am, to be honest, brassed of with Alex Salmond banging on about his black gold and yet he never mentions the countries far more valuable and far more sustainable green gold, which is of course our gobsmacking natural environment. The Scottish Government are obsessed with industry and totally ignore the reality that tourism is by far the biggest earner and job creator particularly on the West Coast and Islands. It is TOTALLY unacceptable that the countries magical Crown Jewels are entirely open to whims of market forces, with no one in charge of them at all here.

Anyway !! It was a good trip again yesterday with people from France, Germany and the UK  and everyone seemingly mad keen to see otters. Well !! I stopped for lunch on the shores of Loch na Keal and as I opened my back doors to do this there appeared to be a very large chunk of kelp rising out of the water just offshore . It just didn’t look right to me and it still wasn’t clear in the binoculars and so I got the telescope on it and there it was a big otter in between the kelp eating a fish. Everyone then had a good view and I reflected on what an amazing moment it actually was, when they have around 2 miles of coastline and there he was having his lunch while we had ours !! But then optimists create thie own luck don’t they and pessimists have none !