Big but scattered sightings

I am in that annual period when I get a very varied group of people for my trips, which always means that I have to work so much harder.

Off to look for the sea eagles first then and we got good views of adult and young birds. Then a  really good long term sighting of an otter in much the same area as he rolled around on the seaweed and lifted lots of it to look for small crustaceans. These were very very good and close views as he eventually ambled over the rocks and up to his holt.

After seals, red deer stags, wheatears, ravens, buzzards, rock doves etc,. we were off for the big one, The Golden Eagle. I stopped a few times in Glenmore to scan the horizon and found more red deer stags. Then my friend Martin Frizelle and his son spotted something break the skyline for a moment at the highest point of Glenmore and then it all kicked off with golden eagles flying and sitting on the mountain side, then beating their wings very fast as they rose into the heavens and then folding them into their body and plummeting down to earth and racing along the side of the mountains. They also picked on a kestrel to have fun with, which looked tiny against the size of the male and female eagles as they chased it around the hillside.

I was so pleased to see these two which had unfortunately failed to rear young this year and I have known them for around 30 years now. Like the otter it was a BIG sighting, with Golden Eagles doing all the wonderful and inspiring things that only they can do. If only I lcould fly , I would have a super time up there with them.