Wet day

For the moment our weather has gone back to its historic and wicked ways for this time of year, with winds now coming from the West and bringing rain !! Though looking from my office at this very minute it is clrearing over Iona and sunshine is on its was.

However as all know I am like an eagle and an optimist and between the shortest breaks in the rain we got good views of porpoise and the white tailed sea eagles on Loch na Keal. Then of course the usual expected sightings of rock doves, gannets, seals, pipits, mergansers, lots and lots of gulls, redshanks, curlews, ravens etc etc. However the need to see otters was hanging over me again !! Well it was wet alright but on parts of the coast it was pretty calm, which helps enormously to spot otters. We eventually ended up at Pennyghael then for a last throw of the dice and as I pulled over to check a spot that otters favour, there it was fishing between a small islet and the shore. Form then on it was all Indiana Jones stuff with us scrambling along the shore and getting very wet but with the party excited. The search is all part of it at times, isnt it ? In fact I feel that wildlife tv programmes could follow a group like mine with ordinary people who are keen to see and learn, as part of a ‘How to spot Golden Eagles or Otters day” or whatever. Rather than just sticking wildlife in front of tv viewers and giving no meaningful clues on how to actually find these creatures themselves. On the way back to Craignure there was much banter and more informing by me on where and how to spot wildlife, which as everyone knows I am always happy to impart, along of course with a much needed code of how to behave near Britains wild creatures also !!!