Another Male Merlin !!!

Seems I am right on the button this season with my 3rd Male Merlin in the last Month. Who also happens to be my favourite bird, small but fiery, dynamic and with his blue coat, very good looking indeed.

So out with Joy and the grandchildren to Duart Castle tearoom we had set off back and just 2 minutes out of the car park there he was, sitting on a fence post by the road and after a couple of minutes he launched off in the dynamic way that they do and swept to the grassland 100m below before racing between the trees.

This one was a bit paler than my previous two and even four, if we add last season !! If you don’t know, the Icelandic Merlin is quite a lot brighter and a bit larger than the UK Birds.

Well, added to the Merlin sighting, and great northern divers I found my old friends the sea eagles from nearby and what a view that was also.

I encountered my first male Merlin in North Wales, near Llangollen, where I worked as a graphic designer and I was very lucky as this bird with a fierce call shot over my open topped sports car and met  up with his mate and then both of them swept into nearby deep heather.

Another  super moment in North Wales was my first male hen harrier and here on Mull they are on the go again after last years record breeding year for hen harriers on the Island.