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We love to have our three grandchildren here and they love it too. However it is very tiring driving all the way to Glasgow to collect them and take them back, especially when we have ferries to meet both ways also. However today we got off to a good start with an Exec room at the Holiday Inn at Theatre Land in Glasgow Centre. Dinner the night before was really good and the best Hake dish I have ever had.

Saturdays weather forecast for today, Sunday, didn’t help either but not unusually the BBC got it wrong again here. Instead of rain it was dry and eventually sunny all the way.

I increasingly get the feeling that the BBC don’t really look in depth at the West of Scotland because it is so remote, but we think, beautifully remote !!

This evening now at 7.45,  it is another glorious sunset with very bright sun over the entire and ever changing landscape and as serene as it can be.