Kean Customers.

On yesterdays trip I had a family out with me staying near us, but I was up and down looking for them but it all turned out to be my fault. Well I will take the rap as they say.

The lady of the family did not know it be she had terrific eyesight and I was very impressed with her. The weather was pretty good and we had plenty of sightings including a mother and her two otters cubs. 30 minutes later on Loch na Keal, the lady spotted a a female otter with a cub. So a good otter day but no sign of golden eagles but big sighting of white tailed sea eagles.

Common Seals and red deer were pretty easy to find and we had very good views of a male hen harrier as we also did on todays trip but with rather poor weather also. However, another sighting of a sitting white tailed sea eagle and another adult bird on a rock leaning into the wind by the shore on loch na Keal before launching off and gliding along the shoreline 100m from the road, with us following.

I had another report of a male merlin today which, added to my own sightings of the last few weeks, which seems to indicate that they may be on the up after years of decline in numbers.

Today though was pretty good considering the strong, cold wind, and pretty wet weather.