Important meeting

I didn’t have  a Wildlife Expedition today but I do tomorrow.

Most of today was taken up with preparing for a meeting with our Argyll and Bute MP, who is sympathetic to causes that I have and I feel confident that he will take them to the government and others and hopefully deliver, as they say.

My meeting was in Tobermory, so off then in the minibus. The village was very very busy with tourists coming into it from all directions !! We frankly have far too many visitors now coming to the Island, mainly because the ferry crossings are so inexpensive. But unfortunately it also means that these day trippers are arriving and then racing around the island ‘just to do it’ or so it seems. As a consequence they have no time to explore the shear size and variety of the island, never mind our wildlife and scenery.

They are then off and going to now ‘do’ Skye next I suppose.