Yesterdays successful and lovely day

I had a really nice and very focused family with a bright and knowledgeable youngster with me on the trip yesterday.

The weather again started a bit iffy but turned into a really nice day. Like today !!

Two White Tailed Sea Eagles then straight off and a female Hen Harrier as well as a dancing white male, gliding in and out of the landscape looking for voles.

Beneath Ben Taladh in Glenmore we had more Harriers and two Golden Eagles soaring high over our heads before they headed further south into the glen.

I was personally very pleased to see activity, above a well known site in the glen, as a single golden Eagle slid off the top of the hills and crossed over, to glide along the craggy peaks on the opposite side.

Seals, Red Deer, Stonechats, Ravens, Great Northern Divers, were also seen but I am starting to expect the male Merlin, but not today. However one was seen by two birders at Grasspoint.

However as Scarlet famously said ”Tomorrow is another day”.