What a simply beautiful day

I have just given up on watching the big Chelsea and Manchester United game to capture what I see from my office and sunroom.

Today began as a rather misty morning but with a weather forecast to clear. Sure enough at around lunchtime it had  done so and now at 5pm the entire sweep of beautiful ocean and islands is amazing.

Benmore is lightly dappled with snow, The sea for miles is flat as a pancake and has been all day for that matter. Iona is looking dark way across the sea but historic Inch Kenneth looks really good standing alone and out toward Gribbun cliffs, which with a low sun, are all blue and green. The stillness of the landscape is magical and beckons you to walk across to the low sea cliffs 800m from the house. It’s all simply ‘poetic’ but without the words.

The sea is now going golden and reflecting the sky above it.

My home as a child in Sheffield looked out on steelworks and dirt and now we must have the cleanest air of anywhere in Britain.

I love The Island of Mull and I think it loves me. If only others here felt the same and nurtured its beauty and protected its immense value to the human spirit.

The sun is  heading down now over Iona and we have a lemon, orange, dark blue and grey sky above and with the rest of the sky misty blue.