Back to normal

Sorry about the absence of postings in the last couple of days. I am pleased to say that our email system is now back on top form.

So, I look forward to lots of enquiries, questions about travelling to the Hebrides and plenty of bookings please !!

Yesterday was very busy in Oban with lots of foreigners, just like last season. It’s good to see them coming north and interested in our natural wonders, instead of so many previously just heading south.

The seafood hut by the Caledonian MacBrayne ticket office was as usual thronging with seafood fans and even I shared shrimps and mussels with two Canadians there. I told them about Calgary beach in Northern Mull and they were intrigued to learn that it was where they got ‘Calgary’ in Alberta from !

Today began with misty weather but it has now cleared to be bright enough for me to see Iona from my office. Maybe it will even turn sunny !

It is also pretty calm again and good for spotting otters. Great Northern divers are now in summer plumage and getting ready to head to the far north and their summer homes. We are lucky here to have such large numbers in the winter months when they seem to see Mull as a northern Seychelles, after their  very cold winter in Iceland !