Inernational Year of The Otter

Big day then yesterday as I had committed to giving a free trip for all comers, which included all food and drink provided by Joy. Particularly for the children from Lochaline Primary School who were all very keen, polite  and a pleasure take out.

Primarily of course I had to find Otters !!! But at the same time spotting lots of other things as well to keep everyone focussed.

So !! First off two white tailed sea eagles I know very well, which gave us very good views in a lovely locality. lots of red deer, seals, stonechats, whitethroats etc.

Into Glenmore now and as my group were having Joys lovely lunch, along came the two golden eagles from that territory, which other people had claimed could not be found ! Maybe, because they know me well, the eagles felt they had to give a good showing, as they came from about quarter mile out and along the crags before giving a short display and then sliding over the cliff tops. It’s always a great feeling for me to shout ”Golden Eagles”

Otters next, which we got immediately, as one was fighting with a conga eel and obviously  ‘bitten off more that it could chew’. A familiar exclamation I think, that possibly came from such an encounter !!

Back toward  Craignure now for ferries and report at the days otter base,  the highly recommended Craignure  Bunkhouse. But not before we had the male hen harrier soaring over our head’s at the Grasspoint  turnoff.

It was an uplifting and very successful day and I hope for everyone else, including the children from Lochaline.

The International Day of The otter got a good start, here in The beautiful Island of Mull.