Each day is rolling into the next and I hope therefore that I have Thursdays trip covered.

Well lit was another iffy day regarding weather. However when I took the turn off for Grasspoint we saw a female hen harrier straight off. Then another look down 50 m of the road, and we had fleeting views of perhaps another harrier some distance away. Did we see a short eared owl I can’t remember, but I vividly recall a clearing above us in the forested area toward Grasspoint and the cronking of ravens, as they first chased a golden eagle over our heads and then more ravens chased a white tailed sea eagle also. Top moment really for anyone who had never seen either eagle.

In Glenmore the weather was still pretty murky, until we reached |Loch Beg to look for otters, where it cleared a little and as it did there was an adult male otter on top of a seaweed covered islet, which slowly wandered down into the sea where it took some time for us to find him again and then we watched him from distance from another part of the Loch.


So pretty good with sightings of some of our top creatures.