Lot of French People Today

Today was the first of two Wildlife Trips for the Majestic Line cruise ship company, on a pretty poor weather day. There was also much French being spoken and which I must practice, with so many French people  now discovering Mull and The Hebridean Islands.

Anyway !!! we all watched an otter at the ferry point, as the Calmac Ferry came in. On to Lochdon and as we went over the lovely old stone bridge to Grasspoint there was a short eared owl looking pretty white, which passed prey rather roughly to another owl in the air. Then we had a slightly darker owl roaming the landscape and perching also.

Red deer now and a gamble on a white tailed sea eagle, which Thank the Lord was sitting just where I wanted it too, before lifting off and gliding along a ridge and into the mist .

Lesser Butterfly Orchids were at Grasspoint along with other orchids. Loch Buie beckons us now, as we go past the very loud and colourful peacocks on the road to Ardura and Loch Buie. Fallow Deer at Loch Buie, fleeting golden eagle and a red throated diver very close inshore.

Pretty good then for a poor weather day.

Tomorrow I have the second group from The Majestic Line with I think better weather !!