Mizzly Moments

On  yesterdays trip we had another of those misty days where humans and wild creatures are searching for that break in the weather.

It was some time before we got it, and then we had a female otter with a maturing cub on Loch Spelve and at the same time we had an immature White Tailed Sea Eagle above us.  In fact we had another one at Croggan itself gliding along and onto the hills across the water.

We also had lots of orchids on the day, from Fragrant Orchids which I insist everyone gets the scent of, to Lesser butterfly orchids and common spotted, to broad leaved Marsh orchids.


Black Guillemot’s were offshore and a lot of Gannets not far out, were diving into the sea on a regular basis off Grasspoint.

Plenty of red deer trotted out there also as the clouds cleared a little.


Good ending then to a wettish day !!