Most beautiful day

Well yesterday was about me meeting up with Joy and the grandchildren as they returned from the south of England by train, after seeing Timmy and his partner David. Then us staying overnight in Glasgow.

This morning was about an early start and the last push back to Mull along the shores of Loch Lomond and the children now staying here for another week.The views and colours from the house are simply beyond words this evening, with another flat calm yellow sea meeting up with a  sea of different shades of blue, as it rolls toward us meeting up with the greater expanse of the yellow sea.

In the far distance is the south of Mull and Iona with a landscape that ripples along the low horizon for miles and miles in a greyish blue colour. Out to our left the sea cliffs of Gribbun are as impressive as ever and very photogenic, in emerald green, grey and black and the top of Benmore has a small cloud creating a moving shadow which is  working it’s way along the mountains peak.

The sea below the cliffs is a greeny yellow and also flat as a pancake.

The best thing to do right now is to get in the car wherever you are and head for Loch na Keal and the National Scenic Area, for a gorgeous evening and eventual sunset to die for.