Back in the swing

Good Wildlife Tour yesterday and a good group as the weather cleared after a misty start.

In the Lochdon area we had a female hen harrier and long term views of short eared owls. One which I know has taken to patrolling the area, perhaps picking a fight and then sitting in a tree, which as a ground nesting bird is not very common.

We then had a brief encounter with a male hen harrier and I should mention the white tailed sea eagles on our way out sitting and flying on both sides of Loch na Keal. We also had one looking pretty wet on Scarisdale Rocks, which is a favourite place for sea eagles to wait for otters to go on to the rocks with their catch and then steal it !!!

The only pity was that it was a poor start weather wise yesterday, particularly around the mountain peaks, which temporarily puts paid to golden eagles moving about their territory.