Sunshine has gone on and on and on !!

Yes it  has been stunning here and in the house. After rain weeks ago and now so much sunshine, it feels like we are in a luxury lodge in Costa Rica again. The mix of rain there and here, means that their tropical rain forests seem to hide you among the most luxuriant places. Same with our temperate rainforest which creates a similar tropical look, as the exotic colours of land and sea merge into a riot of colour. Add amazing sunrises and sunsets, with eagles overhead instead of monkeys and scarlet macaw’s.

After living so long in this jewel of a place I still wonder why so many people have never been to the Hebridean Islands, which one day will get the recognition they deserve and become a National Park to beat all others.

The only negative, or maybe its a positive for some ?? Is that we may eventually get rain Friday afternoon !!!


So I had better get back on the roof and finish my painting.