Manx Shearwaters

Good places to be right no are on our west coast where many seabirds are now in close and heading south.

However yesterday on the Cal Mac ferry halfway to Oban was a top place to be, with hundreds of Manx Shearwaters bobbing in rafts on the sea with diving gannets and giving very close views as the ferry passed them by.

Manx Shearwaters have the unfortunate habit of coming ashore in the evenings attracted by the lights of Tobermory and when we lived there I regularly did my spider man impersonation by leaping from roof to roof to recue Shearwaters. They are pretty helpless on land, so when they end up in the corner of someone’s garden people assume they are injured, but generally they aren’t !! The answer is to hold them tight with wings up against their body. Then take them down to the shoreline of wherever you areĀ  but without lots of boats in the way and hold them very low to the water and they happily glide out to sea with their fast flap, flap , flap, glide action, to find their pals on migration.


Windless and very sunny weather continues here but rain is on the way.