Pretty good

The weather today has been very good but now at 4pm  there are a few spots of rain in the air. However out over Iona it still looks good from here.

We have new guests staying with us and they have gone there today. It will have been lovely there, as there has been no wind to speak of today.

On yesterdays wildlife trip there appeared to be a need to see an otter among the group and a youngster duly delivered, just before Gribbun Cliffs, as it trotted across the road in front of us giving good sightings before wandering into the vegetation and large inshore boulders.

My group were happy !!! Even more so when we had a big male on Loch Scridain for some time, very close and repeatedly catching something in the shallows.

So otters good, as was a distant golden eagle in Glen Seilesdair with a buzzard close by, which gave some idea of the size of a golden eagle.

We seemed to stop more often than usual yesterday, which appeared to lead to a lot of eating and drinking. Maybe it was one of those days when the chemistry was very right among the group. The otters had been seen and so perhaps contentment had taken everyone over??

Today it is serene again from my office, though grandchildren Sonny and Charlie are making a lot of noise and get a bit feral whenever they come here. Are Joy and I too soft with them ?  I think so !!


I have another Wildlife Tour tomorrow and hope for another easy natured and keen group just like yesterday !!