Good day

So yes, a pretty good trip for everyone in lovely weather.

On Loch na Keal I found one of the white tailed sea eagles nestled right up against the top of a tree.

Across the loch I spotted more sea eagles on an islet full of seals. In fact there were 3 sea eagles originally, but one took an early flight and left two adult birds with the seals !!

In the telescope everyone had really good views of the two birds and being adults they of course had big yellow bills. The young sea eagles have dark bills.

Moving on we had a number of ravens, wheatears, gannets, black guillemots and lots of landscape to talk about. We also had red deer stags on the skyline.

On Loch Scridain and after looking hard we found the much requested otter, climbing onto a seaweed covered boulder to mark its territory and then off again.


More to be seen I guess, but the ferry back to Oban beckoned some of my passengers and so more of magical Mull will have to wait until they return another time.