Brilliant calm and colourful day today

We have had really good weather now for a few days and from my office it’s like The Seychelles. I have a landscape of brown and gold and a very blue calm sea.

Topping today has to be the earthquake that that we had yesterday afternoon, which originally seemed like distant thunder. However the press have confirmed Earthquake. If anyone wants more information have a look at ‘Earthquake Scotland’ online.

Joy was in Oban yesterday morning and I had lots to do around our land and house and pleased to say that my fruit bushes are looking pretty good. I hope for a bumper harvest Next Spring and Summer. Can you possibly beat Rhubarb Pie and cream, custard, or ice cream  ?? It is a NO then and rather like trying to improve on fish and chips in newspaper, with lots of salt and vinegar, on a dark evening with a full moon by the waterfront in Whitby ? I don’t think so !