Misty day better by lunchtime

Today we have mist and rain for now, but by lunchtime it may get better.


However we don’t mind this because we have had lots of very sunny days until now !

Yesterday I waited patiently with my group for the White Tailed Sea Eagles to arrive on Loch na Keal. So it was just a wave of my wand and one came low over the sea and glid up onto a favourite perch, with everyone admiring it. UNTIL !!!!!  we all spotted that its mate was already there and both then gave super views in the telescope.

Across the loch an otter wandered along a seaweed point and slipped into the water.

From then on we had otters on  Scarisdale rocks with seals and two adult Sea Eagles which usually means that they are waiting for an otter to catch something substantial and then steal it !!!

We had another otter sighting on Loch Scridain but time was running out and we had a ferry to catch.

This morning I had to take my relatives, who  have been here a few days, to catch a very early ferry, and so right now I am pretty drained.

However tomorrow is another day and I believe it is going to be very sunny again.