Wonderful day

It is another simply glorious day here, with little wind, calm sea and the white sandy beaches of Iona beckoning !

Our German guests left today, so there is much to be done preparing for more guests later in the week.

Also fruit bushes to check on and water, minibus to refuel for next trip and now things to do in Oban tomorrow. Interestingly we had bats cruising around the house and our small woodland this morning. Unusual of course because it is very sunny  !! However I think they were probably youngsters, as I have seen young tawny owls sitting out on tree branches in the height of the day. No doubt mum would give hem a rollicking later when she explains that they are supposed to be secretive and nocturnal !

Everyone is awed by the view from here. As I am awed again right now, just looking out to another vast golden sea.