Up and down

It’s been a strange few days for me and Mull with plenty of sunshine and then plenty of rain.

I had nice keen people yesterday, but no otters !! However  we had big sightings  of three separate White Tailed Sea Eagles in the Gribbun area. I spotted one in if fact, sitting on the top of the cliffs and with scale being so confusing for all here in Scotland, I had to check it in my scope.

Then it was suddenly airborne and obvious as an adult sea eagle, with it’s white tail flashing in the sun, and then it was off across the Sea to visit The Island of Ulva it seems. !!

Then another adult  followed from on high and this is how it was for the day with hundreds of smaller birds  along the northern side of Loch na Keal.

The sun was terrific this morning but now a big shower is passing over the house but already looks as if it is clearing over Iona and coming this way. In fact I can now see the white sands and beautiful northern headland of the Island.