Eagle Island

Lots of hotspots for White Tailed Sea Eagles of late, with youngsters on the move looking for territories and mates of their own already.

I was out on the sea with Majestic line people the other day and had Sea Eagles on Loch na Keal, along with an otter rolling around on the rocks, before settling for a big sleep. Also a huge female Golden Eagle soaring along the hill tops south of Craignure  and dwarfing a herd of 30 red deer. At the other end of the size thing, for the first time I handled one or two butterfish while collecting oysters, which are the favoured prey of the otter.

Out with me on land is a good idea in Spring but it is also a good idea to have a look at the Majestic Line Boats /Tours also, because Mull and the Hebridean  islands are also wonderful seen from the sea.

The staff on board are excellent, as is the cuisine and the variety of anchorages is pretty well endless here on the west coast.