What an incredible glow of brilliant orange sunshine there is out over the landscape and sea from my office right now at 7.30 in the morning.

The visual effects in these islands are simply staggering at times and must make many people simply stop and stare, like me.

Nice group of keen to learn customers on the trip yesterday and so on to Loch na keal and the National Scenic Area and a very colourful sighting of one of the adult White Tailed Sea Eagles nestled in a tree as the rain cleared. Should record that coming from here to collect people at Craignure I had seen the eagle earlier just 30ft above my head and now it was such a good view and sunny weather that we spent some time there with a drink and a scone.

Across the loch I met a few friends.Two of them being Noel and Sue who know their stuff and come up regularly. They had seen the two adult golden eagles and  their youngster with its white tail patch above the mountain above us, with I think a sea eagle over there also.

Otters had also been seen half an hour earlier however we did view lots of seals on Scarisdale rocks.

On the other side of the mountain and after lunch we had two more sea eagles over the sea at Loch Scridain and occasionally showing their talons to each other. Could have been Mum showing the youngster what to do with them !!