It’s been the most sumptuous morning here on the West Coast of Mull, with colour everywhere and again the sea like glass. It’s so clear here of course because there is no pollution in the atmosphere and I can see all the way to Iona from my office and the white sand beaches on its northern  tip beckoning again.

It’s been a year of powerful sun and heavy rain and I am just about to go out and cut back some of the tropical  looking vegetation that this has created on our land, all around the house.

Not a lot is happening at this time of year, but if its as calm as this, its the best time to see otters.


Its another WOW !! then right now, before venturing out, as its even brighter now with big white clouds rising into the blue above the South of Mull and Iona.

Simply  stunning and empty for miles and miles, to the human eye..