Excellent Tour

No otters again today but it is beginning to not feel so important, and they will show sometime soon.

Its a wonderful evening here with great streaks of gold, white, blue, green yellow and puffy grey golden topped clouds above Iona and the south.

These amazing visual effects mull delivers are magical and  immensely colourful.

On todays trip then, we had a number of eagles both  white tailed and golden.

Some of the sightings were  in what I would call sensitive areas and so I may refrain from naming them

However a female adult and male  sea eagle were above us just over the bridge to Grasspoint and shortly after we had a female hen harrier, lots of red deer and a big mature stag gave all of us super side on views and  pictures.

Onward then and patience brought us  a big female golden eagle and more white Tailed sea eagles, as well as lunch !!

Common seals were on their usual sites as were lots blackberries, that Ididnt have time to pick.

Missing lots of smaller birds above but all felt it had been a really good learning day too.