Who knows ?

For the novice weather predictor and the optimists, things didn’t look good early morning !

However for we optimists, more familiar with weather watching, it was easy to see the sunshine on the horizon sliding over the south and Iona and heading our way.Sure enough by the time I got to the ferry to Oban to get my hair cut , purchase bird food and general provisions, it had turned into a lovely sunny day with all the yacht’s at anchor off Oban bringing colour and animation to the scene. In short it looked like the South of France.

It was then a lovely return journey all the way back to the house. But now this evening the mist may turn to proper rain and it may get windy, but tomorrow is ok I think, when I have one of my regular P.S.V. i.e. Public Service Vehicle checks, in Tobermory.


My next Wildlife Tour is Monday the 2nd of October when I look forward to getting my eye in again, as they say.

Good news of course yesterday as Sheffield United go second in the Cthampionship table after beating Wolverhampton Wanderers. Come on You Blades I say and lets do the same on Saturday against Nottingham Forest….. I think ?