Terrific Day

Popping into the Spa shop at Salen there seemed to be some pessimism as the day had started pretty poorly this morning. But my weather forecasting skills came into play and I said it was already looking better in the West . Sure enough it cleared to be the most colourful and sunny day.


This evening is still hauntingly beautiful with an orange sky and sunset on the way. The sky from the house is a soft yellow and unusual green and powder blue as the headlands of the Island of Ulva reach out into the sea. Around it all is a golden sea and changing  right now to be soft green colours over the actual island .

I am looking forward to getting out on a Wildlife Tour on Monday and if the sunsets and evening sky, with its millions of stars was more reliable to forecast, I would probably enjoy taking people to to see the sunsets.


However like Sheffield United, it can go wrong, but only occasionally these days. We will win next week, but they can’t win them all !!!