Eagle Island

It’s cold at the moment but big orange clouds are now heading this way with an orange landscape already here and  a lovely sunny day shaping up.


On yesterdays tour  Mull truly delivered on its Eagle Island reputation, with three separate pairs of adult White Tailed Sea Eagles doing their thing.

On  Loch na Keal a big adult female was sitting by the shore on the shingle spit, with the smaller adult by its side and as usual gulls and geese were fidgety, knowing they could be lunch  !!

Further up the Loch high drama was unfolding with two otters on Scarisdale rocks originally, but then it was one with two more Sea eagles looking hungry until the otter decided to face up to one of the sea eagles. From then on there were fantastic sights of both Eagles with fanned out wings and white tails shining at their biggest and diving repeatedly at the otter who appeared to have a large conger eel. From then on, for maybe 30 minutes, there was dramatic interaction, with the sea eagles repeatedly harassing the otter to drop its food.

Adult White Tailed  Eagles again an hour later on Loch Scridain sitting closely near the top of some pine trees and looking very handsome before one flew across the loch and alighted behind a small wood.

So  !!!  Eagle Island it certainly is and confirmed again then !

Plenty of other things today including red deer stags and their harems. But best was a black throated diver in summer plumage which will change very soon as we enter winter.

Story is then that Mull delivered again on big sightings of big creatures.