More from Mull

It has been yet another visually stunning day here, with clear sky, pale blue and flat sea and has been very warm and even hot at times.

In the distance Iona and south Mull look like another world is being built.

I have been very busy today around the house and landscape, but had time to watch about 20 red deer ambling along the skyline on the hill behind the house.  I also went shopping for supplies and saw the White Tailed Sea Eagles on Loch na keal.

The simply wonderful and inspiring thing about these magical Islands, is of course that they are completely free, to explore and discover. In fact aren’t they the very epitome of freedom.

Right now the sun seems a free spirit in itself as it heads north for its usual and awesome sunset show.

Even more

It’s an even more stunning day today with more golden landscape for miles and the bluest sea as far as the eye can see, with Iona and iots of brilliant white sand the big prize t when you get there.

Busy again around the house and land today and shortly off to get some groceries and see the Sea Eagles on the way down.


Sheffield United are going really well aren’t they fans ?


Come on you Blades I say .





Beautiful again

It’s been a glorious day with occasional big showers.

However again this evening it looks truly superb, way out over the South of Mull, with a red / orange sky piercing blue grey clouds and now with a super sunset shaping up out over Tiree and the Isle of Coll.


IF only one could capture all of it as it unfolds, but you can drive miles trying to follow and see the eventual sun setting on the horizon.


It is worth the chase though  !!!



It’s been the most sumptuous morning here on the West Coast of Mull, with colour everywhere and again the sea like glass. It’s so clear here of course because there is no pollution in the atmosphere and I can see all the way to Iona from my office and the white sand beaches on its northern  tip beckoning again.

It’s been a year of powerful sun and heavy rain and I am just about to go out and cut back some of the tropical  looking vegetation that this has created on our land, all around the house.

Not a lot is happening at this time of year, but if its as calm as this, its the best time to see otters.


Its another WOW !! then right now, before venturing out, as its even brighter now with big white clouds rising into the blue above the South of Mull and Iona.

Simply  stunning and empty for miles and miles, to the human eye..


What an incredible glow of brilliant orange sunshine there is out over the landscape and sea from my office right now at 7.30 in the morning.

The visual effects in these islands are simply staggering at times and must make many people simply stop and stare, like me.

Nice group of keen to learn customers on the trip yesterday and so on to Loch na keal and the National Scenic Area and a very colourful sighting of one of the adult White Tailed Sea Eagles nestled in a tree as the rain cleared. Should record that coming from here to collect people at Craignure I had seen the eagle earlier just 30ft above my head and now it was such a good view and sunny weather that we spent some time there with a drink and a scone.

Across the loch I met a few friends.Two of them being Noel and Sue who know their stuff and come up regularly. They had seen the two adult golden eagles and  their youngster with its white tail patch above the mountain above us, with I think a sea eagle over there also.

Otters had also been seen half an hour earlier however we did view lots of seals on Scarisdale rocks.

On the other side of the mountain and after lunch we had two more sea eagles over the sea at Loch Scridain and occasionally showing their talons to each other. Could have been Mum showing the youngster what to do with them !!



I have a small correction to make re yesterdays posting.

Not sure how I made the mistake, of putting that  ‘I was on the sea with the Majestic Line  people’  when the day was entirely on land !!! Sorry for the mistake.

By the way more eagle sightings on the way home yesterday and Interesting that they have been so quiet of late. However I think the key is ‘September’ as being some sort of trigger to get out and about and into action again.

I remember some years ago being asked by a guest if I could show his young son a golden eagle. In fact I think we had a total of around 25 when we had to stop looking ! !!??!





Eagle Island

Lots of hotspots for White Tailed Sea Eagles of late, with youngsters on the move looking for territories and mates of their own already.

I was out on the sea with Majestic line people the other day and had Sea Eagles on Loch na Keal, along with an otter rolling around on the rocks, before settling for a big sleep. Also a huge female Golden Eagle soaring along the hill tops south of Craignure  and dwarfing a herd of 30 red deer. At the other end of the size thing, for the first time I handled one or two butterfish while collecting oysters, which are the favoured prey of the otter.

Out with me on land is a good idea in Spring but it is also a good idea to have a look at the Majestic Line Boats /Tours also, because Mull and the Hebridean  islands are also wonderful seen from the sea.

The staff on board are excellent, as is the cuisine and the variety of anchorages is pretty well endless here on the west coast.



Lovely weather

Yes simply lovely weather here in the last week, but tomorrow doesn’t look so good.


Its a funny time of year for me and the trips with far too many people just ‘looking for something to do’ and inevitably do not have binoculars, which are absolutely essential for any holiday in the Scottish Islands.


At  this time of year enquiries also come in dribs and drabs and I have to take out more than a couple of people to justify any tour.

Still  !! If you keep your eyes peeled you can get the big view that I did yesterday, when an adult male White Tailed Sea Eagle came loping along the shoreline as I loped along with it a few feet away on Loch na Keal.


Lovely day today

No trip today but I had to go to Tobermory to sort a few thing out so it was a nice change to be back among city life for just a short while.

Its 8am now though and I am back in my enjoying what looks like another huge Turner Painting across the sea toward Iona.


The sea is as flat as it will ever be and the distant dark blue landscape of southern mull and Iona  is rippling like huge chunks of red hot coal along the low skyline. Above all of this there is dusky blue sky interspersed with a dappled  pinkish red with  grey sky above that and shafts of silver sky trying to burst through all of it.



Up and down

It’s been a strange few days for me and Mull with plenty of sunshine and then plenty of rain.

I had nice keen people yesterday, but no otters !! However  we had big sightings  of three separate White Tailed Sea Eagles in the Gribbun area. I spotted one in if fact, sitting on the top of the cliffs and with scale being so confusing for all here in Scotland, I had to check it in my scope.

Then it was suddenly airborne and obvious as an adult sea eagle, with it’s white tail flashing in the sun, and then it was off across the Sea to visit The Island of Ulva it seems. !!

Then another adult  followed from on high and this is how it was for the day with hundreds of smaller birds  along the northern side of Loch na Keal.

The sun was terrific this morning but now a big shower is passing over the house but already looks as if it is clearing over Iona and coming this way. In fact I can now see the white sands and beautiful northern headland of the Island.