Pretty but windy

This morning is another sumptuous looking day, However it is very windy and I have just watched a yacht with no sails up coming out of the shelter of Ulva Sound and heading in wild water toward the South of Mull and Iona.


I hope it gets there as it all looked pretty reckless weaving among the waves.

But for me before I tackle some jobs outside, it looks positively tropical right now

My next wildlife tour is Saturday and so far this year been very productive with keen people and lovely keen to learn children.


Golden Eagles.

I had a very nice and keen family on the trip today. The two children were very entertaining and focused for their ages and so I was duly impressed.

So what did we see?

Sea eagles on Loch na keal islands. A lot of Slavonian Grebes and a cloud of Barnacle Geese lifting off Inch Kenneth , possibly in that very moment heading north and home for the summer.

Lots of great northern divers scattered around Mull. We also had a male hen harrier in Glenmore but the prize today after waiting a while, was the golden eagles that I know so well, as one cruised along the cliff face breaking the skyline occasionally. I think these birds are going to give me and my guests a lot of pleasure this year.

Plenty of red deer also today and nice food !!



Super day

From start to finish, today has been wonderful and I think it will continue and become a super sunset.

Sea eagles today pretty close on Loch na Keal and same by Lochdon.

Otter again at Killiechronan close inshore, Slavonian Grebes steadily acquiring their summer plumage of red and gold.

Great  Northern divers are still here in numbers but expected to be off to the far north in a couple of weeks time.

I have a wildlife tour tomorrow and hope for more eagle and hen harrier harrier sightings, with hopefully short eared owls.

The weather is now very good for any bird life which nests on the ground, as many do on Mull



Spring has arrived

Today is very calm on land and at sea. There is a golden horizon right along the skyline of Sothern Mull and Iona and there is only the smallest flecking of snow left on our mountain peaks now.

After some recent wild weather I am sure the eagles and other birds are settling down on eggs or baby’s in this very mild weather .

It all looks magical again here on Mull from my office and on the National Scenic Area generally. Which deserves far more recognition than it gets from The The islands representatives.


AS they say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder..  Very Very true I have found

Misty and murky today

I was up early getting my Minibus serviced and all looks well,  but the weather !!!

However some of you who know Mull, also know that the weather can change in an hour and out will come the sun lotion   !!

I can now see Inch Kenneth which is a good sign. I just need to see Iona and out will come my sun lotion .


Sure enough I can now see Iona and the South of Mull way across The Hebridean Sea, but will it last

From tomorrow it’s much better anyway I believe.



Sunny day in the magical Hebridean Islands

Yes it looks good from my office today and with what appears to be hardly any wind at all and a perfect Wildlife Watching day, which is sunshine and showers !!

I think a lot of people know my views on the ‘touring’ of Scotland. But just in case DONT DO IT  !!!! Most people that give it a go, wish they had stayed on Mull and explored that more. Not forgetting that Mull has the most varied landscape in Britain and touring Scotland means  that you spend your holiday following endless camper vans and other large vehicles, cyclists, and very fast moving vehicles, trying to ‘DO Scotland’ in seemingly a couple of days at most.  My tip is put down roots in no more than a couple of places, unless you have a months holiday!!



Poor morning and glorious evening

This morning was looking so poor that ferries might have to be cancelled. But as it was it turned into another stunning day, and tonight how could it be better.

Its a sunset of a hundred colours, a sea like glass and the mountains still sprinkled with a little snow.


Its too nice to  go to bed and miss the rest of it  !!



Well after  a  long spell of good weather today is very misty with light rain and no wind.



I guess we were due to get this eventually but  in th West of Scotland Mother Nature can change her look in minutes and so we may get sun eventually !!


It has been another colourful and tropical looking day again, with virtually no wind

and It is now Sunday at about 7.45 and still very sunny.

I suppose that what visitors enjoy so much here in the Hebridean Islands is its wildness and hidden places that are so unspoilt. The natural world is absolutely everywhere, unlike most other places in Britain of course.


It is literally another world compared with  most peoples lives in todays Britain.



It was another really good day in every sense, with enthusiastic people again, a number of White Tailed Sea Eagles, Golden Eagles, Hen Harriers passing prey, lot of red deer, female otter with two young,great northern divers, slavonian grebes yesterday, wonderful weather and it is too good to describe the scene this evening.

The big sighting today was of a group of about 10 Bottle Nosed Dolphins between Inch Kenneth and Gribbun Cliffs which were difficult to leave.

It is a poetic scene from here with a brilliant golden sunset over the south of Mull and every shade of blue. But the sunset is shifting now to set up camp behind Ulva and out over Tiree and Coll.


Heaven has to be no better than this.