vile day

Yesterday was so sunny and colourful on the ferry to Oban that it was like being on a

boat in the  Mediterranean again. Even Oban felt like the med again too !!

However today Mother Nature is feeling irritated for some reason and we have misty murky rain which would be not very nice to be out in. So I need to tackle some indoor work, unless it does turn sunny later, but the betting isn’t good.


HOWEVER !! the island is still delivering gorgeous colours amid the landscape and it is still a thousand times better than the colours of my youth in industrial Sheffield.


When it clears we will also have hundreds of waterfalls large and small and an even richer  landscape hopefully with the sun bouncing off it like yesterday. But everyone knows that I am an optimist  !!






Sunset Soon

Well it’s now 6.30 and still bright, but the sun is heading for its sunset behind the Island of Ulva and in a lovely lemon green colour.

we are heading of course for the time when it will not go dark at all soon, like it does in Iceland.

It has been another wonderful day here with wall to wall sunshine and the wind has now dropped to hardly even a breeze.

Red deer have been trotting along the grassland below the house  and are lower down generally on the island now, because I assume they know the shooters are not out in Spring.


I believe tomorrow is an even better day for sunshine but that’s up to Mother Nature who can be very fussy !!



Its a super start to anyone’s day here today.

Very windy until lunchtime I believe, but another blue spangled sea in every direction and very bright sunshine.

I am looking forward to seeing Sheffield United beat Nottingham Forest this afternoon. Every point is vital now as we get closer to possible promotion to the Premier League. Could be wishful thinking of course !!!  Then  there is the Rugby and England playing Ireland today too.

Our girls beat the Irish girls yesterday by the way.

Tremendous colours across the landscape here just now, with the sea in different shades of blue.


wrong again

It was a  poor weather forecast for here again this morning but its actually been a lovely brilliant day with a sea of gold out over Loch na Keal and the  National Scenic Area. In fact so brilliant that it is dazzling in my office as the sun bounces off an empty and calm sea.




This is Mother Nature for you

On Monday I was keen to find otters for my people but we had no luck at all on that score. However !! Golden Eagles have been quiet this Winter and on Monday we had as many as 8 individual birds being very active, on their historic territories, which was great for me and my guests to encounter and enjoy. I felt very  reassured that all was well. White Tailed Sea Eagles  were even more easy to find as they sat in trees or were up and about scrapping with buzzards.

Plenty of Great Northern Divers also, which Americans call the Common Loon  !!!! which will soon be in summer plumage and gathered to head to the far north to breed.

It is now 3.30 on Wednesday and after such sublime weather lately we now have vile windy rain lashed weather and millions of white horses raging across the sea on our west coast. Ferry’s were cancelled and my customers today advised that if they come to Mull they may not get back.

Anyway this is Mother Nature for you, one minute incredibly beautiful and the next as nasty as a witch !

But if you are adventurous it could also feel very exciting on one of our white sand beaches today !!!!

Very wild today

Its been great weather here but today is very wild and ferries have been disrupted.


Fortunately  I only have two people and I hope they read this posting because I can’t do a tour in what we currently have.

I have a lady who left her hiking stick in the minibus yesterday and I will probably go down to Craignure as we were meeting to collect this at 10.30.. If you get this message please ring me and we might arrange a different time !!!!

Here we go !

Here we go again then. It’s 6.30 in the evening and the sunset is arriving with a golden  lemon and blue sky. Right now I have a bat circling the house, which isn’t too unusual at this time of year, when the light is only fading slowly and it isn’t cold.

I hope he gets lots of insects and keeps doing that for some time, when they can be a pest on wild land such as we have here.


Actually i find bats pretty cute too !!



Its The Hebridean Islands and it’s gorgeous here.

What another terrific day we have instore. Its a lovely pale blue sky and golden landscape everywhere, with Lapwings doing their spring dancing, up and down the landscape below the house to attract mates, defend territory and ward off predators. The sea is flat calm and Benmore and its neighbouring mountain range are steadily losing their icing sugar topping, that is past its sell by date, and  the area  will soon be attracting walkers to its peaks.


Time has past and it is 5.50 in the afternoon now . The sea is still fat calm and a pale gold.  I can see Iona clearly and the South of Mull, all adorned in pale gold too.

I have a trip tomorrow and the people seem keen, which makes my trips so much more rewarding, for each of us.


Wrong again

Yes wrong weather forecast again from the BBC.

I am beginning to wonder whether it is because,  when they give forecasts they regularly seem to stand in front of the West Coast of Scotland and its Islands, as if they don’t really exist ?? Yet they rarely cover up the posh south of England when its dreadful weather down there.

Maybe, just maybe, they don’t even know that there are people living here  !!!!!!!!


Anyway here we  are on The Island of Mull with another wonderful and vivid day.



Eagle Island

It has been a wonderful day in every respect today, from Sunrise to what will be sunset in a couple of hours.

I had to go to Tobermory this morning and on Loch na Keal and beyond I saw at least 9 Sea eagles on the way out. Coming back there was lots of territorial behaviour which is normal at this time particularly if the weather is kind, which it is.

At this very moment todays diary posting should be all about the colours of Sky and landscape and pure Nature

I wonder whether everyone knows that the whole of the West Coast of Mull is a National Scenic Area ? When I am on a tour with my customers the word Wow !!!!!  is proclaimed a lot.

Across on the other side of Loch na Keal, from here the mountain range, which includes Benmore has specially protected Wild Land Designation.

So if you like the sea there’s lots of it here and if you like walking or climbing up mountains this is the place alright.  Mull is the most varied place in Britain and MASSIVE !!