Too Many

There is increasing debate at all levels about visitors to Mull driving far too fast and recklessly, determined it seems to somehow DO Mull in a matter of hours and then off again with their cheap ferry ticket to DO Skye and the rest of the West Coast  !!!!!!


Someone is going to be killed if this continues and probably at Craignure, where large numbers of visitors collect, waiting for transport connections.  The road is very fast with drivers  ignoring the limited speed restrictions

Otters have be very quiet lately also and are probably  keeping their heads down rather than risk death at the hands of too many speeding vehicles.

Where are our Community Council when so many increasing issues are coming to the fore ? A situation that can only get worse if plans are not drawn up to counter this.

Excellent day

Good group today for the Wildlife trip and saw golden eagles, White Tailed Sea eagles flying and sitting, Red Deer, Goosanders, lots and lots of smaller birds, group of Porpoise, black guillemots, eiders, home made tarts !!!

Golden days

It has been a beautiful Golden Day today from Sunrise to what will soon be sunset and another Turner Painting to adorn the sky over Inch Kenneth and Iona.

I have been pretty busy today getting supplies for Mondays Wildlife Tour and getting a broken Wing mirror replaced. Too many drivers are still trying to do Mull in a day and then believing that they can get to Skye to do that before the evening and also still get accommodation.

Frankly most of the people arriving in late summer just don’t understand the feel or essence of these magical Islands . They usually don’t have binoculars, sensible foot wear and have come here entirely on impulse, so with little planning and have no idea what is in store for them in the West of Scotland and its island’s.

Top Tip come in late April and May.


BBC Weather forecasts.

Its been a fabulous day here and even now at  8pm  the landscape is glowing like gold, the sea is calm and dappled blue and white and even the white sand beaches of Iona look tropical from here.


Mull isn’t just any tourist destination  . It is a very very special place  and right now the horizon looks like a thousand white clouds puffing their chests out to impress the onlookers.


I do wish the BBC would do more research on the weather before proclaiming the wrong forecast on such regular occasions.


The clouds can’t be whiter and bigger, the landscape cant be more like gold and the sea more tropical llooking than it is right now

Good trip

Well I had a really  nice bunch for the wildlife tour today and the weather was  perfect being sunshine and showers.

So off to The National Scenic Area for a go at otters and sea eagles.

An otter it was then, wandering along a large seaweed covered chunk of rock.

I think it was around 3 sea eagles that we had in the same area but quarter mile away!

Off toward Gribbun cliffs we had sea eagles again on a regular islet in the middle of the loch with plenty of seals around them.

Into Glenmore next, after a good groan about the awful mess that Forest Enterprise are creating in numerous places around the Island with felled trees everywhere and still no sign of them clearing up their hideous mess.


Why on earth isn’t Mull planting native species, which is what the entire Island really needs, perhaps with my suggestion that everyone who visits Mull gets the chance to plant a native tree  !!  The problem is that Scotland is not a very green thinking place, strangely enough ??



We have had a lot of misty starts each day but today ended up very warm and visually stunning, as only Mull can be.

Even now at 6.20 in the afternoon it is still bright and I can just make out Iona in the distance.

Lets hope for even better here tomorrow.




It could have been tough today

It was a very misty, drizzly, sort of start for my trip today but it turned into a very good day  as the weather cleared and we had white Tailed Sea Eagles in different locations. Golden Eagles also behaved very well for my small group, having lost two of them by the name of Burlat.

All the food and drink was prepared and despite my waiting for them to turn up at the agreed time, they just didn’t  !!!!


Any sign of two people with the name of Burlat  please let me know !!


Well we met a few people out looking for wildlife and had an otter at Grasspoint and two more on Loch na keal

We also had good views of  Golden Eagles at Croggan

Its now 8.30 pm and starting to look brighter and serene out over the South of Mull and Iona, so maybe tomorrow will be less challenging than this morning was ?

Something about July and August ???

Yes these days there is something very different tourist wise about July and August.

First of all most visitors are totally unprepared for the wildness and size of Mull. They don’t have  a hat to protect them from the sun, don’t have sturdy outdoor footwear to stop them twisting an ankle, visitors are driving as if they are still on some German Highway and try to tackle our single track roads in the same way.

A few days ago I was nearly killed by a vehicle taking a blind corner at around 80 miles an hour, 10 minutes away from here. They could have killed all of us in one go.

They don’t usually have binoculars and break them because they are simply not use to having them around their neck and that means that I have to buy more binoculars again.

They have no idea how massive and varied the Island is and race off the ferry to try and ‘DO’  Mull in 15 minutes and probably plan to ‘DO’ Skye in another 15 minutes.


No wonder otters are killed on a regular basis on our roads, which our Community Council  add to, because we have very few places where visitors and vehicles can get off the road and calm down a little.

Then we have the late night knock at the door as they look for cheap accommodation instead of pre booking.

It is an etc. etc. etc. situation these days and how The Scottish Tourist Board can brag about large numbers of visitors, with all of the above and more, creating chaos, I don’t know.


If we carry on with their ethos the west of Scotland and its beautiful islands are going to be just like Blackpool !!