Exotic Scene

Its 11am with another of the islands exotic scenes from my office.

Its truly fascinating how the weather can look a little dark out toward Iona and beyond yet by the time it gets here on the northern coast of the National Scenic Area it will run into intense sunshine with every blade of grass having a silver splash on top of it in the form of rain.

The island has always had its own micro climate which makes for the most interesting days.

I forgot a diary posting the other day where 10 minutes from the house and heading to pick people up I had 3 young White Tailed Sea Eagles interacting about 25m to my right with the black looking cliffs of Gribbun providing the perfect picture frame. The youngsters look so untidy compared with their Mum and Dad.

Back to earth and this side of Loch na Keal  which over here can be very sunny and dry yet across the sea on Loch na Keal’s opposite coastline the mountains can draw an endless stream of clouds, which often  deposit themselves as heavy rain all the way along the mountain range to arrive then in Craignure.


Strangers soon start to understand where the sun or rain might be each day but then many don’t, because of course we have lost that  magical ‘ instinct’  that we once had and wild creatures still have. In fact generally humans have lost touch completely with what was once their natural habitat. Such a pity as they miss so much.


Way over the top beautiful scene

A busy day yesterday with paperwork and Driver CPC training in Oban to complete, to maintain my Public Service Vehicle License etc.

Today though, in very bright sunshine, we have one of our vast and intense golden landscapes and seemingly a whole Hebridean Sea in different shades of blue, seen from my office at 9am.

There is a solitary little boat ploughing through the light waves, leaving a white trail of foam in the middle of Loch na Keal and with Iona in the background looking as mysterious as ever off season like this, which is a must do destination for visitors  today I think !!


Huricane ??

I think everyone has been concerned about the wild weather approaching Britain but actually here on the Island of Mull we never saw it until this evening when around 6pm it arrived but with no real threat so far here on the Island, except to disrupt a few ferry sailings. I think it is also predicted to calm down soon.

So today I saw a female otter with cub on my way down the National Scenic Area before picking everyone else up for the tour.

As it turned out we found another two otters near Gribbun Cliffs and we had a number of White Tailed Sea Eagle sightings, a dipper, red deer stags and females, great northern divers, log tailed tits, goosanders, mergansers etc.

So a good day .


Good enquiring group

Yesterday we had top sightings of an otter ambling along a pebble shoreline and into the water, while a smaller otter was rolling around on a small islet 25m away before swimming toward the first otter.

The gait of an otter is very cute, as many will know, and the sighting was very close and equally entertaining.

We also had big sightings of adult sea eagles and one golden eagle chased by buzzards.However the big plus was that these  were close encounters with two of  our top creatures and each was very very good.

Poor day

Yes it was a poor day today  weather-wise  but this evening it is truly sensational with a golden landscape everywhere you look and a big  yellow sea with blue sky and puffy white and grey clouds above in every direction  from the house.


There is a dazzling low sun now over the Island of Ulva and it has to become a super sunset.


If I had time and energy I would follow it north to arrive at  Calgary because as you drop Down toward there  from Torloisk the  sea views and  the sunsets  are to die for.


give it a try if you are here already.


super day

Ignore any weather forecasts from the BBC today because it has been glorious since early morning.


The entire ocean is a flat pale blue and  Islands and islets offshore are grey and black in this light, as they dot the horizon.

Benmore looks even higher than normal reaching into the sky topped with gold and silver clouds.

Mull is difficult to forecast as Michael Fish told me once upon time, but with modern technology and a weather station so close on Tiree, how can todays forecasts from them be so miles of the mark.


Oh to be an eagle wild and free, because they know exactly what the weather is going to do each day.

Mulls beauty is everywhere you look.

It was another misty start to the day, as a young White tailed Sea eagle drifted over the house. But returning from Salen where I was getting peanuts for the bird feeders and provisions for myself, I could see colours galore already, over distant Iona  and this display of natural wonders is still offshore with a big golden sky moving north over the Island of Ulva. Will rain follow soon I wonder? Of course eagles would know the answer. But we are now herd animal’s and have lost one of our most important attributes

and that is ‘instinct’ which we all once had I am sure. In fact to survive it would have been essential, like good eyesight and hearing .Bring a camera here of course, but If you can’t get stupendous photographs in The Hebridean Islands its time to give up photography.


Eagle Island

It’s cold at the moment but big orange clouds are now heading this way with an orange landscape already here and  a lovely sunny day shaping up.


On yesterdays tour  Mull truly delivered on its Eagle Island reputation, with three separate pairs of adult White Tailed Sea Eagles doing their thing.

On  Loch na Keal a big adult female was sitting by the shore on the shingle spit, with the smaller adult by its side and as usual gulls and geese were fidgety, knowing they could be lunch  !!

Further up the Loch high drama was unfolding with two otters on Scarisdale rocks originally, but then it was one with two more Sea eagles looking hungry until the otter decided to face up to one of the sea eagles. From then on there were fantastic sights of both Eagles with fanned out wings and white tails shining at their biggest and diving repeatedly at the otter who appeared to have a large conger eel. From then on, for maybe 30 minutes, there was dramatic interaction, with the sea eagles repeatedly harassing the otter to drop its food.

Adult White Tailed  Eagles again an hour later on Loch Scridain sitting closely near the top of some pine trees and looking very handsome before one flew across the loch and alighted behind a small wood.

So  !!!  Eagle Island it certainly is and confirmed again then !

Plenty of other things today including red deer stags and their harems. But best was a black throated diver in summer plumage which will change very soon as we enter winter.

Story is then that Mull delivered again on big sightings of big creatures.

Very nice group

Yes I had a very nice group today. Very keen and also had pretty good eyesight, which helps !!

So 2 female hen harriers on the list, Grey wagtails which have not been that easy in the last couple of years here. Lots of red deer, a very high golden eagle, sea eagles, kestrels and buzzards, stonechats, seals, oystercatchers, curlews, dippers, lapwings and  Peacocks !


We also enjoyed very good views of an otter, goosanders and the little known rock doves which are pretty rare and also favourite prey of the peregrine falcon.


Downpour from hell.

Half an hour ago the heavens unleashed the most rain I have ever seen. Yet now look at it !! The  sea is calm, there is a golden sky above the south of Mull and over Ulva and then out to Coll and Tiree it is a wonderful pale green and gold.


What’s the betting that it isn’t all over yet and that there will be another heavy downpour soon?

Looks like  I am right but there is some lovely blue sky peeking out through the clouds, as if checking what is going to happen.