Snow and lovely views today of the bird that started me birdwatching many years ago, the male Hen Harrier. Although he is not my favourite bird of prey I do think he is Britains most beautiful. A few hours later we saw a female gliding past our cottage. They are an excellent birdwatching bird of course, because they are so leisurely in their hunting technique


I was not on an organised trip today but goodness me it was a great shot of a Peregrine Falcon sitting on top of a Gull as we turned the corner at Calgary Bay. Stormy seas and wind created a mood more like Lord of The Rings than Lord of The Rings!!


We were out with some of our regular winter guests today and recorded 7 white tailed sea eagles, 6 golden eagles (2 of them talon grappling above us!), 1 slavonian grebe, 5 great northern divers, 1 male goosander, 1 sparrow hawk and 3 otters.


The rain has finally arrived along with strong winds but it is still wonderfully atmospheric. Seen today, a very low golden eagle and in the evening more woodcocks, an otter crossing the road and my now daily barn owl. There have been a number of reports concerning dolphins and a couple of killer whales!!!!!!!!


First rain for a long time today but it brought a Forsters tern into Oban harbour and lots of barnacle geese just down the road here. At least 8 tawny owls today, a barn owl, a lot of woodcocks and a superb male goosander which is not an easy bird here.


Stunning sunrise and an equally awesome sunset today but that’s the Hebrides!! We saw all three members of the Diver family today, where are all these eco tourists to enjoy it at this time of year?


I would like to welcome everyone to our new site. We will not be posting a daily list of species as it would be ridiculously long. I will therefore confine myself to more unusual wildlife moments here on Mull. As I sit here doing my first entry we have had weeks of glorious sunshine here in the Hebridean Islands and there is a very striking shot of a white tailed sea eagle sitting on a small headland about 200yards from the window of our cottage, where he often tracks the local otter.