We are in a spell of glorious weather and I had a short cycle up the coast yesterday. I had great views of two Golden Eagles chasing each other around the sky. One alighted on a small crag about 200 yards away and though I did not have my binoculars I could clearly see its golden head shining in the sun. We both enjoyed wonderful views out to sea.


If you are visiting Mull around Easter you may see special yellow posters asking for vistors to be on the lookout for egg thieves. Please therefore keep a lookout for any suspicious behaviour and report this to the Oban Police: 01631 562213 or Salen Police on Mull: 01680 300322


Clear blue skies and snow flecked peaks. 2 sea eagles sitting on a rocky islet. slavonian grebes,great northern divers and a male goosander. In one glen we had 2 golden eagles and 3 sea eagles,then superb views of a an otter rolling on his back. Another golden eagle sitting on a mountain top and 1 overhead. An otter and 2 adult seas. A very close immature golden eagle. Below our third highest mountain an eagle on prey being pestered by ravens, then a female hen harrier and another golden eagle!!!


Horizontal wind and rain today and the Island was awash. But they tend to be good otter days!! and sure enough we saw otters on seven seperate territories, the last sighting being of a mum and cub. The weather cleared and the sun came out at 4pm and we had great views of three Golden Eagles pretty close and arguing about territory. Also 6 Barnacle Geese today.


Mull is one of those moods when it does not need any wildlife sightings to make it magical. A couple of days ago the entire island and islands offshore were covered in snow. Today the snow is gone and we had a sunset to die for. Driving down the coast I saw two sea eagles sitting on the shore and sillhoueted by a fiery red sky.


Mull was warm in the sun today and we had the sort of views of eagles that everyone hopes for. Two adult sea eagles were sitting on a small islet offshore and there are usually otters about when they do this. Also super views of a male amd female golden eagle coming head into wind and adjusting their wings tips to steer. Good view of a male merlin also today and another sea eagle coming over our cottage.