Very cold but still very sunny and dry here. 2 Golden Eagles 1 crossing above us being mobbed by a raven, female otter with 2 cubs. While mum was fishing they were scrapping on the seaweed. Red throated diver and great northern divers, crossbills, 2 male goosanders fighting and the highlight of the week, my first short eared owl of the breeding season.


More glorious warm weather today and calm seas brought 6 otters ( 1 really close!!). A distant sea eagle sitting on a tree and a golden eagle flying and sitting on a hillside being mobbed by hooded crows and buzzards. Great Northern dver, red throated divers in summer plumage, razorbills, greenshank, black guillemot and common guillemot, hen harriers and lots of red deer.


Very warm day today, saw a young Sea Eagle sitting on an island and then flying low over the sea and along the sea cliffs. 2 seperate otter sightings, the best of which brought a fish ashore and gave us a great view.


We were not out today and the weather continues to be very good indeed and stangely dry for the time of year. Our bracken normally only crunches underfoot during May!! At a Scottish Tourist Board meeting yesterday I could not help watching a pair of Sea Eagles out of the window and soaring behind the head of the Boards chairman!! Nothing to do with his speech!! Birds were scattering half an hour ago here as a Peregrine Falcon wooshed over the cottage.


More glorious weather here and a great day with a group of about 14 bottle nosed dolphins very close to shore and doing what dolphins do. They were in very shallow water at times. It’s easy to get dolphinitis and so I was gazing out over a mirror calm sea from our cottage later in the day. I did not see any more dolphins but instead I had a super view of a young sea eagle alighting on our headland.


The Island is quite beautiful at the moment and we have had a mix of trips from looking at eagles in the mountains to watching waders off our southern coastline. The beaches in the Hebrides are the most beautiful in the world and it was such a delight to sit there enjoying the dazzling white sand with my group yesterday. Where are all these Eco Tourists who are missing so very much at this time of year.


Glorious weather again with no wind and lots of sunshine. A very good eagle day with all manner of sightings. Also two seperate otter families. I thought the sightng of the day was a white tailed sea eagle coming from 4 miles out above the mountains to sail over our heads without a flap of his wings.


As always the weather here was much better than the TV forecast. We had keen people wantng to see sea eagles which duly obliged by giving two people very close views and the rest of the party good soaring views being mobbed by buzzards. No otters today but good views of golden eagles a male hen harrier and eight great northern divers together on the way home. Terrific weather forecast for at least the next week!!


A wet day today and a challenge to find eagles, but sure enough in my most exciting place of the moment there was a pause in the rain and up came the two white tailed sea eagles I had been looking for. Great to see them on such a wet day!! Close views of otters, black guillemot,golden plovers,skylarks,turnstones,two female hen harriers,snipe,redshanks,greenshank,seals,red deer stags etc.


A wet start to todays trip but that can be perfect when it clears and it did! One sea eagle overhead. Dramatic shot of 2 golden eagles stooping at prey then flying 1 mile out and sitting in a tree. Female hen harrier crossing in front of us. Another 2 golden eagles at about 2000 feet then returning very low over our heads to sit on the mountain side. 2 further goldies and a sea eagle coming overhead. Usual sightings of deer, seals, divers and then a male hen harrier on our way home.