We had a doubting crowd today!!! because it started pretty drizzly, but it picked up, we had a great shot of a sitting golden eagle and a sitting Male Hen Harrier. Nice shot of mum and 2 Otter cubs close, with one of the cubs calling. Sea Eagle sitting on top of a tree while an immature and 2 golden eagles soared in the background. Then 2 golden eagles crossing overhead. On the way home, short eared owl attacking a raven and another one sitting very close. Plus divers, goosanders etc.


we look west from our new home toward distant islands and superb sunsets and it was too much to resist tonight and so we went for a short drive to scan the sea and sure enough we had good views of a minke whale quite close inshore which we watched for about half an hour. However the setting is the thing here and it could not be more spectacular tonight!!


Terrific sightings and wonderful weather again today. Best sightings were Peregrine Falcon, Sparrowhawk, Male Hen Harrier, Short Eared Owl attacking a Buzzard, Golden Eagle attacking a Sea Eagle, 2 separate families of Otters, Britain’s most attractive bird, the Black Throated Diver in summer plumage and the highlight of the day 5 young Sea Eagles in the mountains close to us and throwing prey to each other.


In the last few days… great northern, black throated and red throated divers all in summer plumage. Short eared owl, hen harriers, bottle nosed dolphins, porpoise, greenshank, redshank, twite, redpoll, willow warblers, linnets, goldfinch, snipe, golden and white tailed sea eagles and wader with a repeated wick, wick call and then regular whimbrel like call? Poss Lesser yellowlegs or marsh sandpiper? Anyone know?


In the last week we have had trips every day. The weather has been stunning and we have continued to have terrific views as usual of Otters, Golden Eagles, White Tailed Eagles, Hen Harriers etc. Top sightings were of a sea eagle low to the sea taking prey, nice shot of golden eagle sitting on hill top, merlin sitting. Family of otters and a sea eagle gliding over us at the same time.


Clear blue skies and 4 golden eagles, an adult see eagle sitting on the skyline and exciting views of three young white tailed sea eagles and a young golden eagle talon grappling and interacting. 3 Otters doing all the things otters do, sun bathing, and tumbling around in the seaweed. Male and female hen harrier together and of course the sun.


Superb weather continues here.Today we had a male and female hen harrier together on their breeding grounds.A golden eagle, as good as you get views of 4 otters, about 5 sea eagles and latterly two golden eagles alighting on a ridge. Usual greenshanks,red deer,seals,ravens, divers,mergansers and eiders etc. Keen people out with us today!!


A moody,brooding,Hebridean day today. First big sighting was a golden eagle sitting on the skyline and then flying. Summer plumage slavonian grebe, numerous great northern divers, peregrine falcon flying out to sea, three goldies scrapping, mum and the otter cubs again, female merlin, dog otter on the shingle, red and fallow deer and lots of regular sighintgs.


Very cold strong wind today and no eagles!! Wierd!!!! About 6 Hen Harriers though. with a male and female displaying together. Great views of a female otter with her cubs in a little’pile’on a seaweed covered rock. Plus my favourite bird the male Merlin.