A perfect Hebridean day today with sun and mist shrouded peaks. We had the usual white tailed sea eagle sightings, 5 otters and what I felt was the highlight of the day when I spotted a white flash on the side of a mountain, which turned into a pair of hen harriers diving at a sitting golden eagle, who as usual was not too bothered.


We had misty weather today which is untypical because it is either raining or sunny here usually! Golden eagles were nowhere to be seen but we had good views of a a sitting sea eagle and after much searching I found three otters which thrilled one of our party who had the sighting of otters as a lifelong ambition.


We are continuing with our usual sightings but we had terrific views of a short eared owl flying and sitting very close. Also a good time of year for our more interesting orchids. Why do people keep asking me “if their sightings were exceptional” when it is just an ordinay day at the office here on Mull!!!


The weather is pretty difficult to read at the moment and it makes every day challenging. However we are still getting top drawer views of Sea Eagles, 5 Otters today and two Golden Eagles. Pity I am only getting Short Eared Owls on the way to collect people for the trips and on the way back!!


Perfect wildlife watching weather at the moment as it is not too sunny and not too wet. We are now getting all of our top species and I suppose I should be clear that on almost every trip we also see warblers,tree,meadow and rock pipits,stonechat, whinchat,wheatear,redshank,snipe,all our gulls,shag,eider,seals,red deer,red breasted merganser, flycatchers etc.


Lots of big sightings every day now. Short Eared Owls Hen Harriers, Golden Eagles, Porpoise, Redstarts, Otters, summer plumaged Red Throated and Great Northern Divers and today a spectacular view of a White Tailed Eagle taking a young gull and fly above us with it.


Too many sightings to list at the moment!! but highlights of today were 2 bottlenosed dolphins within 30ft of us which were then tracked by a group of about 20 porpoise. Then an adult sea eagle going low over 2 hen harriers about to pass prey to each other. They ignored the sea eagle, passed the prey and then set about a buzzard who was also over their territory.


At last I have tracked down Hen Harriers passing prey in the wonderful way that they do. Today we had 3 Otters, Golden Eagles sitting and flying, Sea Eagle sitting. Male and female Redstart (what a bird!!), Wood and Willow Warblers and coming back Peregrine Falcon. Male and female Hen Harriers hunting.