Another really good eagle day which had a first for me, when we found two white tailed sea eagles and one of them was sitting on top of an ancient standing stone. It felt like a very Gaelic and historical sighting. The Gaels had a very beautiful name for the bird, which translates to ‘The eagle with the sunlit eye’.


Cuckoos, short eared owls, good views of hen harriers and lots of smaller birds on the move now but very evocative sightings of eagles lately. Two day ago we had three young sea eagles from the highest bit of road on Mull and about a mile away, when two of them straightened up and came right over us and off into low cloud and cliffs.


Perfect Mull weather today, with just enough sunshine and cloud. Top line views of the big three today including nice sightings of 2 of this years young Sea Eagles. Golden Eagles sitting and flying over us and very close views of 3 Otters. Usual sightings of Whinchat, Wheatear, Twite, Rock Dove, Raven, Porpoise, Seals, Red Deer and lots more.


We have a spell of really hot weather and I have had two very typical days with eagles and otters but I thought the highlight of yesterday was an osprey going over the Landrover as I went to collect people for the trip and a large family of red grouse crossing the road, also a party of stoats on their way home, like me.


Great sighting today of a Golden Eagle taking a rabbit within 50 meters and going off chased by a buzzard. But the highlight for me of the last two days was a tip off about an Osprey which we found a few hours later sending the gulls mad at Lochdon. Young sea eagles are fledging anytime now!


We have the most awesome sky tonight on the West Coast of Mull. Great Golden Eagle sightings today with a male Hen Harrier repeatedly attacking a female eagle. We turned round today at one of the best sea views in Britain and also had three Golden Eagles overhead pestered by Ravens and Kestrels. It was a cannot be beaten eagle sightng!!


Super weather again and of course our usual sightings of sea, golden eagles and otters but the higlight of today was definitely a school of about twenty bottle nosed dolphins pretty close off one of my favourite viewpoints which also has lots of orchids right now.