A good day today with three Golden Eagles above us and then two further birds in the perfect place to see eagles!! I then discovered the reason for the two Sea Eagles hanging around a certain mountain, when I found one feeding on a dead sheep with ravens. Also a good wildlife guides ‘spot’ of three otters today as they were well asleep on a tiny headland.


Need I say that the weather was great again today? I was very peased to see the two newly fleged young sea eagles as I had ‘lost’ one of them somewhere. Had a good crowd of ‘novices’ out with me and a cute little seven year old called Ailsa who I had a bet with which I think was 50p an otter sighting. When she left with her parents I forgot to claim my money as I spotted one first!


Fabulous weather again and very settled. lots of eagle sightings and today we had 4 otters in a pile across the water, a golden eagle on mountains to our right and two sea eagles on a mountain behind us. Only on Mull can you get such sightings and all at the same time!! Getting Basking Sharks off Calgary Bay. Our new house and guest accommodation look great and are nearly ready thanks to very good tradesmen here on Mull.


Our weather went off with a bang in the last week with lots of cloud and rain but today is mirror calm again and sunny. The new house and base looks terrific with wonderful views from all the windows. Lots of arctic species are migrating through now including Whimbrel, Bar Tailed Godwit, Dunlin, Turnstone, Ringed Plover, Golden Plover and plenty of young Eagle sightings also now.


Every now and again I get one of those one off sightings and we had such a sighting today when as the rain cleared two Golden Eagles set off at pace from their perch on a crag.One swept low behind a small hill and the other followed and very low to the ground it took a gull in flight. Training their young? I saw a similar thing with sea eagles a couple of days ago as an adult flew very low out to sea and weaved after a gull.


We have had the most wonderful year for weather here and tonight is no exception. Who needs wildlife on an evening like this. From our new home on the west coast we have simply wonderful views miles out to sea and the silhouetted blackness of the Treshnish Islands is filling the horizon, whilst the sea is flat calm and totally empty.


Lots of sightings of young sea eagles now as they get more confident and practice their flying. Hen Harriers are also doing the same but it is now more of a challenge to find otters as mum and the two cubs had become pretty reliable! but I found two local families of humans power boating and generally enjoying themselves at the expense of the otters on their territory and I think the otters have taken it badly and possibly moved away for now.


Back to lovely sunny waeather and we could have spent the entire day in one square mile of Mull today because we saw adult and young Sea Eagles flying and sitting, a Peregrine Falcon, Hen Harrier, Kestrels, Ravens, Golden Eagle with Buzzards and bird of the day an Osprey repeatedly diving in the water with no success unfortunately. Otters later on by the way.


One or two problems with my Landrover in the last two days but we are still managing to get the usual good views of Sea Eagles, particularly newly fledged young and a misty low cloud day brought quite dreamy views of a family of otters which a BBC photographer told us he could not use because shots need to be sunny!!


Another typical day with our 2 eagle species and otters but I had a terrific view of a young peregrine practicing his skills on about 20 ravens on the way to collect people. In the same area on the way back a male hen harrier came straight over the landrover and passed prey to two young hen harriers about 50 metres away.