Got the date of my posting about the Kingfisher wrong. It was today the 30th of course. By the way I hope we are going to see some of you up here in this wonderful place this winter? There are great fly drive deals to be had and you can leave England and be on the late friday evening ferry to Mull in under 4 hours. Its great winter weather here these days and the best season for willdife.


A wet start to the day but we just about got a sitting sea eagle and then a flying one and a hen harrier. Three otters across a loch and then a good view of a golden eagle with two buzzards. Porpoise later in the day and a nice sunset as usual tonight.


Truly fabulous weather today when we went in pursuit of a reported bea eater. We did not see it but saw a Kingsisher instead which is rarer than a bea eater here in the last few years. In fact it was my first Kingfisher here in perhaps 15 years. It is not a Hebridean bird of course and all about global warming. Otters, Sea and Golden Eagles today of course also.


Truly awesome sky tonight! Wildlife seen in the last few days includes greenshank, redshank,bullfinch,greenland wheatear,stonechat,goshawk,sparrowhawk,peregrine,buzzard,kestrel,golden and sea eagles inc young birds,knot,golden plover,porpoise, curlew,whimbrel,otters,goosander,merganser,red deer,seals,turnstone,dunlin,ringed plover,male and female hen harriers,various seabirds,barn owl,bats,red grouse etc.


We continue with wonderful views of otters and I should record more wildlife but how can I ignore the most spectacular sunsets and evening sea views that we now get on the West Coast of Mull?I suppose you all know that Mull officially has the most varied landscape in Britain? A big whale was seen here recently. Possibly a Sei or Fin Whale. Dolphins fetched everyone out of the restaurants in Tobermory yesterday as they jumped around off shore. Mull is amazing!!!!!!!!


I did not have a trip today but instead went down to check on the new house build. To be honest we think its terrific and we have a great team working on it, led by Hughie and Cameron who are the best joiners on the Island I think. But today is about the most wonderful sky, reflecting on the sea and the Treshnish Islands way out to sea. We simply must have the best sea views and sunsets in the world. How can anyone live in Watford!!


A good day today with a nice keen group, good views of mother and a young otter, a sea eagle sitting out on a marsh and looking fab in my scope. Two golden eagles sitting in a tree and refusing to fly for ages. And yes I am on TV again! Yawn!! Watch out for The Natural World on BBC just after new year when I am going on about the sea eagle. If they dub me out again and put in Attenborough I won’t be pleased.


Our new house is looking really exciting, along with the weather here, which though a little more varied continues to be pretty good. Hen Harriers are giving the impression of being common!! Both eagle species have their young up and about and we are also getting good views of Great Northern Divers and other arctic species.