Lovely clearing day today with pretty keen people. Hen harriers, otters, sea eagle, golden eagles chasing ravens and nice views of two summer plummaged great northern divers. I don’t need to mention turnstones, red deer, seals, eiders, greenshanks etc do I?


Bit drizzly today but we still got sea and golden eagles, 4 otters, sparrowhawk, slavonian grebes, goldeneye, turnstones, hen harrier and of course the obvious things!! The higlight of the day for me was a long tailed duck close inshore with red breasted mergansers. Better weather tomorrow I believe when our furniture arrives at the new house!


Another lovely day when the Island looked as beautiful as it could be. We saw all three members of the diver family, slavonian grebes and a pile of otters on top of each other. It was a picture that would grace any wildlife magazine, with heads sticking out and tails belonging to goodness knows who!


I have decided that if this amazing weather, sunrises and sunsets continue, I will give up wildlife and be a poet! It is such a different and more inspiring life here on Mulls wonderful west coast. As some of you know it is of course considered to be the most spectacular coastal run in Europe.


I am not sure that our wildlife is not a distraction at the moment away from this fabulous weather and colours. Best sighting today was a pair of White Tailed Sea Eagles coming from on high with their talons down to alight on a rocky point. Within a few moments we realised that they were interested in two otters that were fishing in the same place. Only Mull can give such wonderful wildlife sightings in such a setting. Lots of waders about also,


Great waeather again today and I am just going to check whether Aurora Borealis [Northern Lights]is showing again tonight. There are clouds of Redwings and Fieldfares arriving on Mull right now and I had a great drive from a meeting late last night with masses of willdife about.


I am often asked, when is the best time to visit Mull. Well I suppose it would have to be now because its sunny and warm for at least a week. The Island is very quiet and you can have a big piece of Mull all to yourselves if you wish. Another great sunset coming up by the way.


A real birders sighting today as we picked up a sea eagle above the mountains about 4 miles out. Without a flap it headed for us, crossed the loch and we lost it behind trees.Minutes later it swept over the trees within fifty yards of us and hit sea level where it belted over the sea and chased a duck which it failed to catch and after sitting with crows it headed off up the loch to give us another great sighting 10 minutes later.


More poor weather today and a full Landrover made for a challenging day. However we saw the big three and got very wet indeed watching a family of otters diving for fish and running up on shore with them. The highlight of the day for me was definitely the Black Throated Diver which does not breed here of course. Dippers were good also.


Three weeks to the completion of our new home and it looks really terrific. We are in a wild spell of weather at the moment but its great!! If I were a tourist I would be walking one of our fabulous beaches today and getting blown off my feet. Or you can come on a wildife trip and see otters, sea eagles and golden eagles, but still get blown off your feet!! Plenty of harriers about by the way.