It was a lovely day today and of course we get fabulous views out to sea and over the islands from the new house. We have just had our first guest in the new suite and we think it looks super. Where are all these adventurous tourists? These romantic Hebridean Islands are all yours in the winter months. Otters are having their young, Sea Eagles and Golden Eagles are displaying over their territories and the sea is at its most interesting.


Yes we saw the usual eagles and otters today and the porpoise were a plus but this was the most beautiful day of the year, with no wind, misty peaks and warm sunshine. There was snow on the mountains but we had lunch on one of our lovely southern beaches, collected pebbles and watched the seals. There was no one around and the light and colours were truly amazing.


No wildlife trip today but it has been a beautiful sunny and warm day at our new house. The sun is just going down way out to sea over Iona and a lovely yellow sky is dappled with hundreds of flecks of puffy grey clouds. It is very peaceful and snug here and the sheeps wool insulation in the house seems to be very good indeed. Now we know how a sheep feels.


This is a great time of year if you catch it right and today we had good views of a sitting Sea Eagle, 2 or 3 Otters, Hen Harrier, Great Northern Diver and a ‘real’ Golden Eagle sighting, as we saw one bird circling and landing and then watched another gliding low and sitting on a crag in a very golden eagly locality and moment!! Its all very evocative because there is no one about.


Wonderful wildlife sighting today when as the sun was just going down we had a school of about seven bottle nosed dolphins very close inshore. With them was the smallest baby dolphin I have ever seen. It was all the more special because we had a mirror calm and peachy coloured sea. There was no one about but the leaping dolphins and the sound of their blowing. It was a really magical Hebridean Islands moment.


Cold dry and windy today but close views of a sea eagle going over us, two male hen harriers and a female,3 otters,turnstones diver, greenshank,golden plovers etc. 2 more sea eagles building a nest, and a young golden eagle circling above us and plenty of Lord of the Rings type scenery and atmosphere.


Winter is probably best for the big three here as today testified. Within 15 minutes of leaving the ferry point we had two otters, one catching a fish almost as big as itself. A sea eagle flew over it scattering birds and landing. A sparrowhawk flew a meter over our heads, a hen harrier gave super views and 30 minutes later we had a female merlin sitting on a rock, then we walked on white sandy beaches in the south. Loads of divers around and no people. Great!!