No trip at the moment but we continue with glorious weather here. Snow capped peaks from the new house and clear blue skies, though we had a little flurry of snow today. Our new postman is a Sheffield Wednesday fan unfortunately, but I am pretty impressed that he is collecting all his early morning barn owl sightings for me. Wednesday’ites can’t be that bad after all!


Terrific trip today. A young sea eagle seen only twice in 4 years flew in front of the house. Later we found it on an islet with another sea eagle,6 otters,iceland gull,another sea eagle on Inch Kenneth,peregrine on cliff top,slavonian grebe and great northern diver,red throated divers, greenshanks, top views of two golden eagles, red deer, seals of course, porpoise, another goldie, sparrowhawk, two harriers and lots more. Off season is best!!!


No wildlife trip today but we did have a drive to the shops which is of course a trip in itself here. We caught sight of two otters in the surf and then an Iceland Gull went loping past us. I think keen birders could find the Hebrides pretty interesting in winter. I mean is there a Ross’s Gull or a Gyrfalcon on some headland today?


Another spectacular and sunny day today. Ben More is capped with snow but we can see the white sand beaches of Iona shining across the sea. About 200 barnacle geese have just flown over going to Staffa I think. However this posting is to let regular and prospective customers know that the trips get a short airing on The Natural World on BB2, on Feb 1st at 6.15 I beleive. I know those that were on the trip that day will want this info!! The programme is I think entitled The Eagle Has Landed.


I think today showed that winter could be best! It was a wild day and we initially saw an Otter under a waterfall before he galloped off to the sea. After searching mountains and woodland for a pair of sea eagles we had a terrific view of them very close and standing on the shore like a couple of fishermen. An Otter was 20ft away. Finally a glden eagle saw the better weather coming from Iona and flew on top of a craggy peak.


Very up and down day for weather today but we saw a red necked grebe, great northern divers, terrific sea eagle on a small islet and three golden eagles, two otters and a barn owl on the way home plus all the usual Hebridean creatures, mountain hare, red deer, woodcock etc.


Good trip today with keen people who had been with me before. We had a golden eagle gliding over us and two displaying to each other in the mountains. No otters but two sea eagles building a nest, a female hen harrier, barn owl yesterday and numerous other birds of course including divers. Terrific scenery and colours all over Mull.