I am not on a trip today but I had to put a posting because the views from the house are like poetry today. There’s no wind and a light covering of snow on the mountains and the islands. Little flecks of cloud are wandering around the top of Iona and the whole scene is golden and tropical looking.


Wow!! From our huge new windows the whole of Mull and its Islands are covered in snow and as usual after snow we have a clear blue sky. How on earth can any sain person not live in the Hebrides!! We had snow buntings, harriers and sea eagles over head yesterday and golden eagles of course!! Otters were elusive though but what the heck Carsaig was stunning.


It continues to be very sunny but cold here, and it is allowing all our eagles to fly unusually high. We had a really interesting encounter today when we heard a very loud and consistent call, which sounded like a car alarm in the mountains and it was some time before we realised that it was two sea eagles displaying over our heads. It was a rare moment.


No otters today but fabulous weather yet again. Eagles were all quite distant for some reason but its all about the right place at the right time. We still got them all though and slavonian grebes, goosander and peregrine. The weather is the thing though just lately and round every corner appears a more spectacular scene that the one before. When it’s windless here its amazing.


Fabulous day today. It started with a great sunrise and from the off we got at least 12 bottle nosed dolphins very close and being big and noisy! Very romantic views of two sea eagles sitting on an islet between Mull and the smaller Inch Kenneth from where they pounced on an otter. Two top views of peregrines and four golden eagles. Great sunset.


Todays dolphin day was definitely inspiring and the whole group showed that emotion. One lady said that ‘That was the best thirty poundsworth I have ever had’!!! Can I remind everyone that I like em keen!! So please don’t phone me in midsummer and tell me that you are clutching your scope and are keen to join a trip, because I will be full. Please book well ahead because bookings are very good.


An good trip today with a golden eagle close and just 2 minutes from the house, in 3 minutes two otters, 20 minutes we had a peregrine on a cliff and two sea eagles circling over islets calling. Another peregrine falcon with ravens, slavonian grebes and divers. We also found two people searching keenly for a golden eagle and spotted them one circling against a mountain. On the way back we had a further two sea eagles and a golden eagle chasing them.


Its great to have keen people and today was no exception but it was so frustrating with sea eagles! Yes we just about got two distant ones and we did get a number of golden eagle sightings but the next day I was chatting about a picnic bench as you do, and a sea eagle flew straight over us. It’s how it goes with wildlife. Better get booking by the way, there’s stacks of interest in Mull this year.